Retro style twist knit sweater with a demonstration


Speaking of twisted knit sweaters, you may feel a bit strange, but I believe you must have a twist of a child sweater, because that is the mothers who love the weaving style. Childhood feel that some rustic twist sweater is now hot, but the retro single product it.

Autumn and winter hot twisted sweater, which originated in Ireland, but later in the New England region is one of the representative of the dress. Twisted sweaters do not like sweaters so thin, heavy feeling in the cool autumn season feeling warm. Especially for fashionable women, autumn and winter must store a twist on a sweater, do not look at it without exquisite curve, but allows you to make a bright spot in the mix with the addition.

So today to see how to tie it with knitted sweaters.

Brick red twisted sweater + wide leg pants + flat shoes

Twisted knit sweaters to pass out a meticulous and meticulous fancy, there is a childhood mother hand-woven retro feel, on the other hand, it will show you a lazy with the cute image, and let you reveal the winner A chip of fashion sense.

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